New music from Zerotribe. Listen to it on Spotify, Google Play, Apple music, etc
My animated TV show. For the kids.
Six individuals are unwittingly part of a project that controls their lives. Someone is guiding these people, giving their life purpose. But, what is the project - what is the Assembly Line?
Update - 04.07.2012 - Full Movie online.
New music from Zerotribe.
The best criminals in the world. The biggest heist of their lives. One day to make it happen.
Update - 04.12.2015 - Full Movie online.
Update - 04.12.2015 - Behind the scenes documentary online.
Pervasive Studios - 2005, 2006, 2009
Pervasive Studios.
Zerotribe - 2003, 2005
Official site of the music group Zerotribe.
Update - 12.13.05 - Full Take the Sun album + remixes available online.
Update - 03.05.05 - Take the Sun samples online.
FrootSoup - 2005
One of the world"s largest fruit-oriented soup restaurant chains.
Corporate marketing, particularly that which targets children, cracks me up. And the kids? They love that stuff. They just love it.
Official site of The Internet's 2004 Presidential campaign.
Remember when half of the country hated the other half of the country? Good times. If only they had elected The Internet, everyone would be rich and happy.
Promotional site for my novel The Age of Light.
We look back at 2001 and laugh, and with good cause. Such amusing old-timey ideas like hoverboards and ordering groceries online. Instead, why not harness the power of all of those unused brains out there?
Neurad was an early idea for a startup. Don't really invest in it, though. It is not a real company.
store - 2000
Imagine if you could purchase everything necessary to make your life complete. Store makes this possible.